Sales Strategy

The biggest wins available to most large scale online education companies come from strategy. This is an oppotunity to evaluate and re-think your sales strategy from the start to finish. What should we be pitching to who? When? How? We dig into all of those questions and more.

You are leaving big wins on the table.


High level sales strategy is an area ripe for optimization in most large scale online education companies. 

By stepping back and evaluating your sales strategy from the ground up, there are often surprising and lucrative wins hiding right under your nose. Sometimes, it just takes a fresh set of eyes to see them. I'm also in the privileged position of knowing what does and does not work in many large scale online education companies.

In our work together, we begin by evaluating your goals. Different goals lead to radically different sales strategies. Do you want growth at all costs? Want to keep the team as lean as possible? Do what is absolutely best for your audience? Work as little as possible? Do you care only about the bottom line, or mostly the top one? I've worked with all of these goals and more.

Once we've settled on your goals, we evaluate your business opportunities through revenue and strategy focused frameworks to identify unseen opportunities that align with your ambitions. 

My favorite part about this work is that it generally leaves clients both wealthier and happier with their work.




  • Shifted the launch calendar focus and frequency to increase revenue projections by 34% over the course of the year (realized revenue exceeded projections slightly). As a bonus, the strategy called for fewer, higher impact launches which reduced the launches the team needed to produce.
  • CEO wanted to keep the team as lean as possible and work as little as possible, while maintaining 7-figure profitability. We adjusted the timeline of the major marketing effort and changed the launch strategy. This resulted in 27% higher revenue (YOY) and 8% higher profitability. The following year, the profitability increase by 35%, as the major investments in sales materials had already been made. The team remained lean, with only one employee and in year two had the fewest contractor hours in the last 5 years of business.
  • To fulfill a goal of 'not constantly be overwhelmed by launching', we transitioned the business to a year long marketing automation campaign. While gross revenue dropped by 5% in the first 6 months, profitability remained stable and the founder realized their goal of largely removing her/himself from business operations. 


I work primarily with 7 & 8 figure online education companies and take confidentiality EXTREMELY seriously.

I honor the 'Google Rule' -- you can say you haVe Google as a client OR you can talk about the results of your work.

I choose Results.