Market & Product Analysis

The online education market is changing rapidly. To thrive in the coming conditions, you need to be prepared to adapt with and lead these market changes. Most businesses do not think about these challenges nearly enough.

The online education market is changing rapidly.


We are progressing from eager early adopters to early majorities who are more risk averse, more inclined for personalized support and less likely to pay a premium for an unknown outcome.

Online education has concurrently transformed from a novelty with low awareness into a jungle of sales tactics with skeptical and sophisticated buyers. Many of the best customers are sitting on multiple online courses that they have not completed and are wary to buy more.

Between these two forces, online educators who want to aggressively grow their brands and maintain high levels of profitability need to carefully assess their current and potential markets to find the right mix of content, risk, support, price, positioning and sales strategies for the profile of their audience.

I work with CEO's, founders, marketing and product heads to analyze and assess market climates and identify product and sales strategies that will best achieve their personal and business objectives.




  • Changed targeting allocation to a new, less sophisticated market for paid lead acquisition. Increased average lead profitability by 22%.
  • Identified the shift the market that was driving down conversion rates and profitability. Helped client alter their product offering to better suit new customer demands. Increased sales by 36% the following year.
  • Drove product positioning change based on increasing market sophistication. With minimal product and sales material changes we were able to increase conversion by 12% (launch over launch).


I work primarily with 7 & 8 figure online education companies and take confidentiality EXTREMELY seriously.

I honor the 'Google Rule' -- you can say you haVe Google as a client OR you can talk about the results of your work.

I choose Results.