Conversion Optimization

I've seen it all, I've tested at scale and I know what converts. Sometimes a pair of fresh, highly experienced eyes can make all the difference for a launch's success.

Find quick, exponential wins in your funnels.


The best thing about conversion optimization is that it can result in massive revenue and profitability gains with minimal effort.

Think about it this way: if you stack 10% improvements across lead capture, launch conversion and upsells your profitability will increase exponentially. This is very attainable for most businesses.

There are three ways that I can deliver massive results with conversion optimization:

First, launch optimization. Together, we evaluate your launch plan from lead to purchase and identify opportunities to increase your conversion. I have a ton of experience and know what works (and what doesn't). There are some surprising, easy wins out there.

Second, lead conversion. Optimizing this portion of your business can be like pouring fuel on the fire. I've seen gains upwards of 300% through straightforward tests.

Third, I can help your team create a lean testing methodology that propels your business over the long term and enables you to consistently achieve wins in house.




  • Restructured & redesigned sales page to result in 28% increase in conversion (launch over launch)
  • Increased lead capture rate (cold, organic) by 230% with average lead value dropping less than 10%
  • Increase average lead profitability by 22% (cold, facebook leads) without changing sales page or pricing strategy
  • Increased email engagement (opens & clicks) by 8% month over month on a 'dying' list without massive unsubsribes
  • Increased launch revenue by 15% by changing upsell positioning and sales page (Launch over launch)
  • Tested Headlines resulting in 8% conversion increase. 
  • Increase revenue 85% through price testing of a mid-priced course (!!)


I work primarily with 7 & 8 figure online education companies and take confidentiality EXTREMELY seriously.

I honor the 'Google Rule' -- you can say you haVe Google as a client OR you can talk about the results of your work.

I choose Results.