I am a growth focused strategist

Believe it or not, I started working in online education way back in 2007. I believe that the internet can change people's lives for the better through education - I know that it has for me.

My background is quite varied, with a common thread that I excel at quickly understanding new situations and finding new and innovative solutions to the challenges at hand. In other words, I was born to be a strategist.

I have unique insight, as I have been behind the scenes of 20+  7 & 8 figure online businesses. With this perspective, I can identify marketplace trends and the sales strategies and product mechanisms that best suit my clients current and future customer base. I also learn and share strategies across vertical domains, leading to even more innovative possibilities.

I cut my chops in the 7 & 8 figure online business world in a four year stint at Ramit Sethi's IWTYTBR. I started working with Ramit to build a marketing automation platform and team for the business and soon transitioned into strategy and optimization, where I owned the revenue line. I'm proud to say that we delivered triple digit revenue growth YOY, bringing the team from a low 7 to 8 figure business over my tenure. It was a great learning experience.

For the last 3 years, I've been quietly consulting behind the scenes for some of the fastest growing and most exciting 7 & 8 figure online educators. You can read about some of my results by category.

Market Analysis  |  Sales Strategy  |  Conversion Optimization

I take my client's confidentiality very seriously.  We need to be able to work closely together and they need to be able to trust me with highly sensitive business information. Therefore, I never talk about my clients. Yes, its bad for my marketing. Yes its frustrating sometimes. But, it helps me serve you better and that is my bottom line.


I save a few hours a week for 'Serendipity Chats' and I'd love to chat with you!
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  • Market Analysis & Fit
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Launch Planning & Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Marketing Automation (InfusionSoft, Eloqua, Marketo, etc)
  • Lean Testing Methodology
  • Direct Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting Analysis
  • Headline Generation
  • Vertical Expertise: Make Money / Get Fit / Find Love

Take a look at my resume here.